Saturday, May 23, 2009

6 year anni

For our 6 years, my bf Craigy pants took me on a surprise night spa treat. The place is called Vusalela, and what they offer is a night were you and your partner arrive at about 18:00, are welcomed with a little edible treat and free drinks. You are then taken for a full body massage, and thereafter a nice warm dinner, around eight o'clock you are then taken for a foot massage followed by an indian head massage. It was so nice! Except that for my full body and for my foot massage i had Sipiwe (see top picture, in left bottom corner), who had the strongest hands i have ever come across. Even her 'soft' was too hard for me. While she was massaging me, i couldn't help but to swiggle and laugh. To stop from crying. BUT, apart from that, it was a really beautiful evening. I love my babey for treating me to something so special. Ahhhhh..


Lady Times said...

wooooo-oooo! trala-flippen-la hey! U lucky fing u.

Lady Times said...

I have to say that I am NOT impressed! U havent posted for 3 days dude. not cool.
love you. post something please...

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