Sunday, December 6, 2009

My birthday weekend

What an awesome birthday i did have. Awesome. In order to include all the cool things that happened from Wednesday (my bday) till saturday, i have included photo's and for ease of reading the following bullet points:
- breakfast in bed
- prezzies
- dinner with mom, dad, sis, bf and his family
- surprise horse riding day with jess and the crew
- braai at jess' house afterwards, bubbles and all included

It was fun. And now i am 23 and old. Gosh. Wonder what the year of 23 has in store for me?Whatever it is i hope it is just as fun as 22, that would be great. But i hope it's better :-)

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Lady Times said...

The ultimate time! So flippen aaasem!
Oh, the pain. hehe - totally worth it though!

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