Monday, April 5, 2010

Ribbons, invitations, bubbles and Ouma's

This Easter weekend was jam packed. The majority of activities included those relating to my up-coming wedding. More specifically pertaining to the invitations to said wedding.
I have decided to go for these sweet oragami heart invitations as is seen here.
So Jess and I put on our comfy shoes (or in Jess' case, not so comfy) and got shopping.
I bought the paper, the ribbon and the string, we totally nailed the technique, and all I have left are some envelopes and last things and they will finally be in the mail.

Apart from the excitement relating to the invitations, I spotted this bubble gun/ machine that makes hundreds and hundreds of bubbles. I bought six, and the plan is to have people make the bubbles as Craig and I exit the ceremony on the day. Awesome!

Lastly, my Ouma turned 76 this weekend, and we had a lovely celebratory dinner full of prawns, sushi and a whole lot of yumminess. Love you Ouma!

Weekend well done! Only 4 days till the next one!


Lauren said...

Ah the bubbles are so lovely! Looks amazing in photographs. Origami hearts - also such a fab idea. Well done sweet!

Mel said...

Thanks love, so excited! Have a whole day of folding on Saturday ahead of us!

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