Sunday, May 29, 2011

I walked out two cardigans later

Twice a month Pretoria is graced with The Irene market. Set at the top of a long, tree-filled street, the market is filled with quirky stalls; selling food, antiques, newtiques and everything in between. The previous time I went was before my wedding last year where I found cool, rose-shaped cup-cakes which I used as my wedding cake(s). I also bought the most amazing (no exaggeration) winter coat, for something riddic like R150, from a lady with a stall selling really beautiful clothing.

This Saturday I decided to go to the market again, with R300 in my pocket (on a bit of a budget, as I'm saving for the house we're building in a couple of months) and went straight to the stall with the great clothes. Low and behold the same lady was in the same spot, selling her beautiful clothes.

I probably would have bought everything (if she took cards) but had to submit to these two beautiful cardigans on my limited budget. I love their detail and shall wear them everywhere.


Jessica said...

loves em!

Anthea said...

Love both cardies! The detail is too gorgeous.

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