Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rosemary Hill

Showee it's been some time since I've graced the pages of my wee blog.
I've missed you.
Well as a valid excuse, Craigy and I sold our home, had a week to find a new place, move out and get settled in.
Which we did, about two months back. Since then, I've been trying to make our new place a comfortable nest, while we get ready to build our dream home (which will hopefully start no later than June- and rest assured you shall see the development every step of the way).

However, in more interesting news, I was invited, by my friend Sunny, to attend a high tea, which was held at a lovely place in Pretoria called Rosemary Hill. They provide hats, gloves and purses for dress up, and make the most delectable eateries, and most delicious tea.
As below, we had a fab time.

Bye for now, see you soon!

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