Sunday, January 31, 2010

No frills or thrills make Jane a dull girl.

And Jess and I are all about the fun.

Frilly girlies... sweet.

See... addicted!

So I thought it quite funny; we were at our favorites, Jess & Gaz's this Saturday for a busy day of shopping and stuffs with the girls... and around lunch time there was a bit of a brainstorm as to what to have to lunch... and what do we decided on?

One guess...


Man oh man was this some good sushi, like totally flippen wow! Lucky for us Natalie the self-proclaimed 'sushi-snob' was there to introduce us to a whole new world of sushi and sake.

(FYI- for really good sushi in Joburg, try Best of Asia in Fourways. Yum yum bubble gum.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm addicted to Sushi

(I was warned about this very event)

I never liked sushi; actually turned my nose up to it.... Until....Jessican's My Dearest taught me the right way to eat it.

Oh gosh, and now I can't stop, even tonight, and the night before last, and probably very soon...

So to you sushi, I dedicate this little space in the cyber world, and I would just like to mention that I love you.
Tonight's sushi
I'ma eating a sushi
The night before last's sushi

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is about reciprocity, and Gary you rule.

So Garyness is an awesome dude.

He did a little piece on me today, and for his kindness, I present to you the awesomeness that is Garyness Barnard.

He can-like-to-be a lot of things, certainly is one the most unique peoples you will ever know (should you be lucky enough to know him).

And his girlfriend happens to be my soul mate. The two of them make my life special. <3

So in your honor Garys I present the following:

We are Sagittarians
We are tattoo partners
We are special

We are fun
We are sometimes awake at 3:24am

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stop playing with your food. No I won't.

So my dad of all dads sent this to me, and I thought... Cool, let me share this with the world.... Well at least; the world wide web.

How crazy mad creative are some people?

I would say; Very; and I'd hope you concur?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It can like to rain... but then it can like to be a rainbow

So on my way home from my power yoga class (flips... note to self, find another Tuesday class, cos Grant the instructor is a demon) I did be spotting a rainbow.

I always feel so blessed every time I spot one, and I always have the urge to phone someone: 'Hey Ma... loooooook out the window... it's a rainbooooooooow!' :-)

Anyway, in thinking about rainbows, I came to realize that I really like color, as is evident by the colors in my blog, and therefore, in the name of color i present to you the following:
A rainbow
Rainbow roses
Rainbow cake (will locate this recipe for us all)
Rainbow lights
hehe, rainbow panda's I love!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh my hat in a hill!

So... my friend Kyle, sent my friend Jess... who happens to be his sister, and my best friend (haha just though it funny to throw in a little twist there in the beginning) this amazo email about this house in Switzerland... BUILT IN A HILL! Yes, you did hear me... in a hill.

I dare you to look at these pictures and not want one like this all to yourself?! I double dare you.

Thank you Kyle for caring and sharing, and next time please include me in your exclusive mailing list... OK?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Wonderful World of the Weekend

So one of my favorite blogs is Being Brazen (click here to be directed there) and she has this cool post she does after the weekend called '10 things I learnt this weekend'.
Now, i'm no copy cat, but I do love this idea, so i kinda stole it, but not really. I'm tweaking it and creating my own... and i'm calling it... The Wonderful World of the Weekend.

In a nutshell it will comprise of me listing 5 cool things that I did over the weekend... sometimes with visuals as well. here goes nothing....

The Wonderful World of the Weekend... edition 1:

1. Went to a 90 min Yoga class at 08:15 on Saturday morning... sounds like punishment but was super super awesome.
2. Revamped my blog and added some cool widgets that I hope you all will like
3. Had the pleasure of buying a sushi mini-box, raspberries and blackberries from Woolies which made for a great Saturday lunch
4. Took my dogs/ boys (maxi and luke) for a long Sunday stroll in the park
5. Started this feature... The Wonderful World of the Weekend.

I'd really like to know what everyone else got up to this weekend too, so please share.

There will always be space for these three ladies in my ears

In the 23 years that I have been alive, few artists have made as big an impression on me as these three enigmas.

Jilly will always be my high school sweetheart
Eryka will always be my varsity love
Amy will always be my soul sister

Big up ladies, this post is dedicated to you...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sprussing up me blog

For a little while there i was really frustrated in not being happy with the appearance of my blog.... so i did some revival... Now; i'm no Art director, or fashion designer... but i like to have the prettiness, so i'm trying.. the design as it now appears is the first step in many to get it just right... so bear with me.

Here is something pretty for ya'll to look at.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Okay I think i've had enough of Balitto now

So this is my last post about Balitto (I leave with this beaut i snapped on the beach)... not quite 10 but i tried. Over it hey. On to the next thing, as we all are in this fast-paced life.

Bigger and Better. Super-sized. Wanting it now.

Okay, not quite related, but you get the point..... :)

What's Mel gonna do next.... WHO KNOWS?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes i will take these for R29.99!

What a find..... haha... definition of 'no-name brand' = R29.99 sunglasses from MR P.

Definition of happy = Mel finding R29.99 sunglasses at Mr P!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A hippy to the hoppy

When they build a time machine... i'm leaving for Woodstock.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little something i'm reading

This man is phenomenal... his concepts, his philosophies, his style of writing... his ultimate message.

Check it out!

This was the view from our apartment at Villa Royale in Balitto... waking up was such a pleasure...
This is my dream, to own property on the beach, with a similar view. Shooooooo... yes please!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have you ever seen 300 million swallows??

Well I have.

What an experience, they congregate in the reeds somewhere in the East Coast, and come home at Sunset.... millions of them... all at once... wow!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Balitto EXPOSED!

So my next 10 posts (or so) will totally be about our Balitto trip. FLAPs! This was an amazing mini holiday! But before any posts... i have to give a shout out to my old PA. I love this man.. probably more than he knows. I think i am blessed in my life because of all the goodness that this man brings to the world... shit.. let me stop before i start crying.

Just want to say thank you for the most amazing time! MWAH!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm going to Balito... Ah SORRY for YOU!



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whilst roaming the streets of Parkhurst

Jessie and me found the shop of all shops.... oh mother... a shop like this actually exists. Hells yeah! Dreams do come true...

Knowers of the DirtyUnknown