Sunday, January 15, 2012

Literary gluttony

The December holidays are always an excellent time to catch up on my literary neglect of the year past.
I asked my parents for an Exclusive Books gift voucher for my birthday in early December, and just before the holidays I went on a book shopping spree. I was lucky to bump into a well read gentleman working at the Exclusive Books in Menlyn, who was able to recommend four amazing books to me, all of which I devoured.

The first book I read was, as below, Room by Emma Donoghue.

This book is one of the most unique, well thought out books I have yet read. It is sweet and heart breaking at the same time. Intense and funny. Intriguing and disgusting. It has a beautiful plot, and I would recommend this book to anyone. The story is of a young boy, brought up in an 11 by 11 foot room, and who finally just after his fifth birthday is made aware of a real world outside 'Room'.
Thrilling, and definitely a 5 star book!

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