Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wonderful World of the Weekend

So you may have noticed last weekend that I was a tad too busy to update my weekly dose of The Wonderful World of the Weekend. Sorry.

However, this weekend was cooler than tools. Here we goes:

1. Jessy poo aka Bestest Maid of Honor and I went to buy material for my dress and the brides maids' dresses with my dear seamstress Riaan. Hellz to the Bellz did we get some awesome material.

2. Jessica of the van Zyl clan and I then went for sushi at the Food Market at GreenStone in Kempton (please note: do not go there hungry, they take extra long with the service), but the sushi was certainly delicious. Yum.

3. Gary and the Jessica's came home with me to surprise Craigy, and we all went to Nina and Al's for a little dop and chop. We got a lil dronk. 'Scuse us.

4. We had an awesome Sunday horse-riding lesson. We are getting so good. Plus I got to ride a different horse (sorry Smokey), little Buckwee, she was cool, but a tad lazy.

5. Jessy and I then went home and waited for the boys, and fell asleep on the couch watching the E! True Hollywood story of Princess Di (the legacy).

All in all, it was eventful and fun. And I wouldn't mind doing everything over again.

Here's to a productive and happy week.



Lauren said...

Well done, sounds super fun! Don't you jus love vegging in front of E! Gosh, I've given alot of my life to that channel. Have a great week hun. x

Lady Times said...

we rocked out! I was sooo bushed on Sunday, even after you guys left I passed out again till six and slept like a log all night long. Phew...

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