Monday, March 1, 2010

Work is work. I get it.

So I went through a period, you know it, when the Power Ball Lotto was up to the 70/ 80/ 90 millions, where I was already fantasizing about quitting my job and moving to coast to live and read on a beach in front of a fabulous house with a yacht.
I have however moved on from this fantasy (I was literally going through mini periods of depression the next morning when I realized I was not a millionaire) and have moved on.

I have decided everything I achieve in life will be due to my hard, ethical work. I have also realized in business, that any short-cut taken is never really a short-cut, and any under-handed business will never yield money.

But the paragraph/ essay above was not my intent for this post, it was more to vent in the fact that today was hard, difficult, almost unbearable. Until. I realized; bad days come, but they also go. Tomorrow might very well be an excellent day, and the hardships occurred in the now, will be forgotten. The most important thing in it all are the lessons learnt- which I make a conscience effort to extract from every problem.

Well, at least that's my two cents.


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Lauren said...

Ah honey, I'm sorry to hear you had such a rubbish day. That darn allusive power ball. But as you say, lessons learnt and character building and all that. Sending you a big old hug. x

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