Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It can like to rain... but then it can like to be a rainbow

So on my way home from my power yoga class (flips... note to self, find another Tuesday class, cos Grant the instructor is a demon) I did be spotting a rainbow.

I always feel so blessed every time I spot one, and I always have the urge to phone someone: 'Hey Ma... loooooook out the window... it's a rainbooooooooow!' :-)

Anyway, in thinking about rainbows, I came to realize that I really like color, as is evident by the colors in my blog, and therefore, in the name of color i present to you the following:
A rainbow
Rainbow roses
Rainbow cake (will locate this recipe for us all)
Rainbow lights
hehe, rainbow panda's I love!


Lady Times said...

RAINBOW CAKE. You just can't beat that. I NEED the recipe!

Lauren said...

Ah so sweet. I know what you mean, rainbow just gotta be shared:)

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