Sunday, January 31, 2010

See... addicted!

So I thought it quite funny; we were at our favorites, Jess & Gaz's this Saturday for a busy day of shopping and stuffs with the girls... and around lunch time there was a bit of a brainstorm as to what to have to lunch... and what do we decided on?

One guess...


Man oh man was this some good sushi, like totally flippen wow! Lucky for us Natalie the self-proclaimed 'sushi-snob' was there to introduce us to a whole new world of sushi and sake.

(FYI- for really good sushi in Joburg, try Best of Asia in Fourways. Yum yum bubble gum.)


Being Brazen said...

I love sushi - yum yum!

Lady Times said...


Lady Times said...

ooo those tempura were insanely yummy!

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