Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is about reciprocity, and Gary you rule.

So Garyness is an awesome dude.

He did a little piece on me today, and for his kindness, I present to you the awesomeness that is Garyness Barnard.

He can-like-to-be a lot of things, certainly is one the most unique peoples you will ever know (should you be lucky enough to know him).

And his girlfriend happens to be my soul mate. The two of them make my life special. <3

So in your honor Garys I present the following:

We are Sagittarians
We are tattoo partners
We are special

We are fun
We are sometimes awake at 3:24am


Lauren said...

Ah. 2 of the four besties. Sweet man.

morinn said...

You guys make a very special lot! Awesome!

Lady Times said...

Gess & Jary! pppffft. We flippen heart you and the Craigershe toooo!
This weekend was one for the books no?

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