Sunday, June 14, 2009

The adventures of (the other) Eat it n Run

So if you haven't already gathered, i am madly in love with my two little boys. Luke Skywalker (Eat it) and Maximillian the terrorist (aka Run). Maxi is my little toy pom, and he is a naughty little shit, but friendly as hell and the most beautiful dog in the world. Lukie looks like Falcor from the never ending story, and he is a little maltese (although that is debatable), pure white. He is the most beautiful soul in the world (and so heart-breakingly pretty)

I love them so much, that i probably blog about them more than anything else.

I think I should change the name of my blog to:

"The adventures of (the other) Eat it and Run"

PS: i put (the other) in brackets, because my best friend Jess and i adopoted the names, and we also call ourselves Eat and Run.... who also have adventures.


The pictures below are of maxi with Mr Kouala the teddy, and of Lukie lying behind the little fence in our garden, both of them taken this morning.

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