Monday, February 15, 2010


So guess what?!

Just guess....

I'm engaged!!! Oh mother of all that is holy, it is AMA-zing! My beautiful fiance popped the proverbial question yesterday (14th February 2010) around 20:00.

I'm sure we have all had a fair share of engagement stories, but because this is mine, as well as my very own blog, I've decided to care and share...

So V-day started off as any other, the mutual exchange of chocolates, and kisses. The only difference from a normal Valentines was that Craigsters had organised a surprise for the day. I was to cancel my horse riding lesson with Jessicas and everything.
So bright and early (for a Sunday at least) we woke up, piled into the car and set off. To an unknown destination. Until, I begin to see the Magalies mountains and the dam...

Turns out Craigy planned a whole day for us at the resort where we first met on holiday- more than seven years back- Magalies Park.
The day was so much fun... we rode bicycles, went on a paddle boat, swam, ate, laughed, and had an all-round fun time.

But the day eventually came and went, and we left, coming home around 18:00. We then decided (not so much a decision as a suggestion heavily supported by him) to go to the restaurant where we had our very first date- Mugg and Bean in Menlyn.
Now this might seem cheesy; being proposed to in a Mugg and Bean (you know, it's so much more "romantic" at a quaint little place, mostly Italian or the sort) but it was really special.
We ordered a Nacho's to share (as we were still quite full from all the eating during the day).
Afterwards deciding to order a Lemon Meringue to share.

At this time Craig had to go to the 'bath room'.
Shortly after he came back, the Lemon Meringue arrived, along with a box..... WITH MY RING INSIDE!

Oh goodness, I was so shy... there seemed to be so many people around- The time between Craig getting on his knee, and us leaving the restaurant was a complete blur, I just remember wanting to cry but not being able to, shaking like a leaf, and saying 'Are you sure Craigy!?'.

So anyway, to cut what seems to be a long story short, I am officially engaged to the man that makes me happier than anything in the world, and i'm loving it!

Exciting times!

Pictures of my pretty ring...


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations honey!!!!!! Wow!! What a lovely story you get to tell forever. Ah, that's such nice news, I'm so super happy for you both. Lemon Meringue and a ring, love it! xxx

Naledi said...

oh Mel..this is toooo gorgeous!:-) It will be a beautiful story to tell your grankids one day... Thanks for letting us in..I feel like I was there!

Mel said...

aaaaah thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Times said...

Sparkely!!!! EEEEEEEK! I am so dam excited! I spent most of yesterday looking at weeding stuffs! I want to swear and scream and cry and swear and cry and scream and definitely dance!

Being Brazen said...

Congrats!!! that is awesome news.

dinkum design said...

Big fat Congrats!!!
Such a sweet story.... just love it.

Koek! said...

Congrats!! I got engaged in April as well :-)

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