Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wonderful World of the Weekend

Friends, dam, fun, sun, <3

Those are the 5 things that would describe my weekend.

1. I got to see my favorite friends; Gary, Jess, Alistair, Nina and Coloniser this weekend. YES!
2. We went to the Vaal Dam for the weekend (technically the Vaal River but who's counting)
3. Here we had fun
4. Which happened to be in the sun
5. And there was so much love. And I loved it!

Me and Mmmmjessica
Sir Hop-along
My boys
Isn't Nina beautiful?
It's a heart shaped chip strategically placed in the grass. Nice.


Lauren said...

Ah fun fun fun! That water looks inviting, how cute is Jess' cozzie?!

Mel said...

Yip! Fun fun fun!

Jess's cozzie is cute hey! She did apparently shop till she literally dropped for that number.

And oh, the water was divine, I think you brought the good weather with you when you came up from Durbs for the weekend! Thank you.

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