Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wonderful World of the Weekend

So this weekend was one for the books, truly... Not just because it was simply the weekend, or because I wanna seem cool. It reaaaaaally was one for the flippen books!

Ok, so for this feature I am meant to choose 5 things that really stood out:

1. Shopping with Jessican's on Saturday (bought myself some sick horse-riding gear, asem!)
2. Eating the glorious sushi at Best of Asia in Fourways
3. Meeting Natalie the well traveled American Brit who was our Sushi guide and all-round fun time
4. Drum & Bassing it at The Woods on Saturday... think i'm getting into hey..
5. FLIPPEN Horse-riding people! A real live lesson, on a real live horse! YEEEHAAA!

Me, I had too much fun this weekend.. hope y'all did too, feel free to share, i'm always interested/ curious about the secret live's of others...

My horsey outfit Our car-bar bottle collection at The Woods
One of the horseys at our lesson on Sunday


Lady Times said...

1. See Andrew (and meeting his lovely wife Kristin) for the first time in 5years and nothing has changed.
2. and I know this is gross but up chucking on the side of the road on Friday morning cause I was hund soooooo bad.
3. Shopping and finding that super top and eating sushi and drinking sake - KAMPAI!
4. Getting ready with eberyone in my house. I really love that. Then Dancing Dancing!

Being Brazen said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)

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