Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wonderful World of the Weekend

This weekend was fun indeed. Indeed.

1. Went to Kempton for a hair cut for the boy, and had lunch with Craig's mom, Ken and sis. Look at beautiful Ang with the brown hair! And mom-to-be gave us a digital photo frame for our engagement. Nice I tell you. Nice!

2. Had Sushi at Best of Asia after horse-a-riding. Hellz yeah we did! Words do not explain. So i'll shut up.

3. Went venue hunting, below are pics of the one I really like, name to be disclosed once I have decided to book it... can't have millions trying to get their hands on it ;)

4. Bought myselfs two Ellen Degeneres DVDs- this madam makes me laugh!

5. Sunday afternoon doggie walk. Typed in Recreation/ Park Destinations in my GPS, and discovered 2 new parks! Whooohooo my boys were happy!


Lauren said...

Your dogs are so cute, haha. Love the pic with the DVD's. Fun times!

Being Brazen said...

great pics.

Must be fun looking for a wedding venue


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