Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smoking and Yoga go together like cupcakes and a diet.

So i'm all into this health kick, you know, the daily yoga and organic food. It's cool, and I like it (actually, No, I love it). But I have a problem, in the form of; smoking.

I know, I know, sucky, but true. I love it, I love it- like a lot. But today is the day that I change things, and it's cos of the following little story, which goes a little something like this:

Craigy and mine's New Years Resolution was to stop smoking, completely. And I did, for about a week. Then, it was like one cigarette here, and another there, nothing serious. Socially however I was a chimney (you know the kind: lights their cigarette with another cigarette). But, one Monday about two weeks ago it got out of control once again (as it always does) and I started the habitual daily smoking routine. Until.....

Today, I went to my local Spar after work, got my lotto tickets, some cous cous, easter eggs, milk, bread, ice cream, and a box of cigarettes. Now, please bear in mind, Craigy has quit this whole time, and I have been smoking all these ciggies behind his beautiful back. Anyway, I arrive home with my shoppings shoppings, and Craig's being the lovely that he is, helps me unpack the stuffs, and low and behold finds my precious box of Marlboro Menthols. And what does he do...
He went and hid them.

Now, i'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. And for sure this happened for a reason, because; I never do the shopping- number one, and number two, I am normally smart enough to not let the box lie in the bag for Craigs to find ;)
None-the-less, they were found, and I received an infamous lecture from Grandpa Craig. I cried (OK, well maybe not actual tears), I screamed (mostly in my head), I secretly searched his cupboard (this I did do). But alas, nothing.

So I took a bath.

And while sitting in the bubbles, I realized that this definitely happened for a reason: I am not meant to smoke. It's so bad for me, so stinky, so contrary to the life-style I am trying to lead. And therefore, I decided to stop, for good.

I am now in hour 1 of being an official non-smoker, and I hope this lasts.

Yes. Fuck.

It's something I will take a day at a time. And, as they say, only time will tell...

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Lauren said...

Whahey! Well done, well done. It must be so super hard to quit, so well done you. This reminded me of Carrie from SATC throwing her ciggies down the toilet. Hope the withdrawl aint tooo bad!

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