Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Nadia. Thanks Lauren.

Thank you Nadia for sharing with Lauren. And then Lauren, thank you for sharing with the rest of the interweb; the secret of the PnP clothing. I read Lauren's post about the pretty garment she found recently, and as the divinity of my timing I happened to be in a PnP today.

Although my eyes did not see the beaut Lauren spotted, I did find these little treasures; they're little nightie combos with the cutest little sayings on them. For a whopping R59.90 each. Yes, i'll take all three!

I'm actually wearing my Happyday Cupcake ensemble right now. Over and Out.


Lauren said...

Hahaha, brilliant! Those are so cute. This just in, Pick and Pay is HUGE for Spring. Ha! xxx

Lady Times said...

hehehe. i L. O. V. E. PnP! Dude! They always have really great staples.

Mel you are a funk monkey!

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